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This week is a busy one for the MBPC team. In addition to tracking the budget, MBPC will be testifying on a number of important bills that will have big impacts on families and our state budget. 

If you are willing to make your voice heard on these bills we encourage you to contact your legislator at 406-444-4800 or go to https://leg.mt.gov/web-messaging/ to send a message. Legislators are more willing to reconsider their positions if they hear directly from their constituents. Our recommended positions are noted below.

If you want to learn more about the research and policy analysis on any of these bills, check out the resource section at the bottom of the email. 

Tomorrow, February 9: 

House Bill 303 will have a hearing in the House Taxation committee at 8:00am. The Business Investment Grows (BIG) Jobs Act, would reduce the business equipment tax – again – exempting another 4,000 large businesses from this tax which will eventually shift property taxes on to residents and would result in a loss of state revenue. MPBC opposes. 

Wednesday, February 10:

House Bill 228 – the paid family and medical leave plan – will have a hearing in the House Business and Labor committee at 8:30am.This policy would allow workers to receive a portion of their wages while they are on leave to care for themselves or a loved one. Small contributions less than 1% of employee wages would fund the program. MBPC supports. 

House Bill 279 is a plan to create an expensive tuition tax credit that diverts funding from public schools and harms students and communities. This bill will have a hearing in the House Education committee at 3:00pm. MBPC opposes. 

Thursday, February  11:

Senate Bill 159 reduces the top income tax rate in Montana and will have a hearing in the Senate Taxation committee at 8:00am. This bill would disproportionately benefit the wealthiest Montanans. MBPC opposes.


Senate Bill 182 will have a hearing in Senate Taxation at 8:00am. This bill would implement a complex structure to trigger further income tax cuts (to the wealthy), when Montana experiences higher than expected revenue and ending fund balances. Similar to SB 159, more than two-thirds of the tax benefit will go to the wealthiest 20% of households. This will put Montana’s financial future at risk. MBPC opposes.


Report: Tuition Tax Credits: A Threat to Montana-Based Education Solutions. Get up to speed on how these tax credits divert public funds to private institutions without improving access to high-quality education, while reducing ability to find state-based education solutions.

Report: Montana FAMLI Act: A Policy Design Supporting Families and Businesses. Learn how the Montana Family and Medical Leave Insurance Act (the FAMLI Act) would work, who it would cover, how it would be funded, and how it would benefit families and businesses.

Report: What Proposed Tax Cuts Really Mean for MontanansA steady stream of tax cut proposals are making their way through the 2021 Legislature that will yet again cut taxes for the wealthiest. Here is what these proposals really mean for Montana.

Senate Bill 138 Has Deep Roots in Settler Colonialism: Read about this bill that would repeal a temporary tribal property tax exemption for tribal fee land with a pending trust status application, and learn how it undermines tribal sovereignty and upholds the legacy of allotment.



MBPC is dedicated to providing policymakers, the media, and advocates with reliable research and analysis to make sure families and communities are front and center during legislative debates and decisions. You can support our work by donating today. 

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